Saturday, October 8, 2011

What in the world is that orange button about?

So apparently the inerfaces for exploration of the web have been changeing rabidly over the years. I never paid much attention to the different kinds of options theyre were out there for streamlining the web expereince. Now that I have been introduced to the RSS feed concept, I am beginning to notice that orange button everywhere. I can see where this might be a useful tool for many people who gather their news and information over the web. I like the way that it can create a storgae facility of your commonly visited sites enabling you to get everything you need at one place. I suscribed to several of my classmates blogs. This should help me to comment more efficiantly. I am also excited about my subscriptions to library news sites. I want to be able to stay more apprised of what is going on in the library and information world, and RSS feeds will make that easier for me. I think that RSS feeds will be an interesting addition to my web  tool knowledge. I also think that it very evidently influenced by the personalization of technology movement. With so much information avaliable and so many places to go to find it, the weeb is quickly becoming overwhelming, but like a little pathfinder RSS feeds adn reader accounts enable people to make their own way to information in a more personal and  streamlined way.
I suscribed to several book review feeds, that wil help me to keep updated on what is out there and what people are saying about it. I aslo subscribed to Points of Reference, Shifted Librarian, and I also grabbed a few quote of the day and word of the day feeds becasue I always wanted to try something like that and this seemed like a good meduim for it.

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