Thursday, October 20, 2011

Citation Nation

Good Morning,
Like some of my classmates, I am just now discovering how useful this tool can be and am kicking myself for not having used it before. I was always satisfied living paper to paper with Microsoft Word's Manage References tool, but now that I have found Zotero I can tell  I will be using it to organize my sources for a good long while. I had begun to feel overwhelmed by the sheer mass of articles I had begun to amass in my research for my four LIS classes, but now I have a way of keeping things organized and accessible at a moment's notice. I can see how this could be a great tool for people doing research.
ALAS!!! I could not figure out how to make a public version of  my library. SO NOBODY MESS WITH MY SETTINGS TILL I FIGURE IT OUT. :)
 Check out my library so far:

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  1. I, too, have been kicking myself for not adopting Zotero (or something comparable) before now. My only worry is that I'll get too accustomed to it and eventually forget what to do if it's not there.