Monday, September 19, 2011

Podcasts and beyond

Okay, so I looked up podcast directories and found a few. I was not too thrilled with most of them. The information about specific types and topics was not easy to find on most of the sites. I found one, however, that enabled me to search under interests of mine, and this led me to two hours of podcast listening. "What was this podcast" you may ask? I listened to several interviews they conducted with trek actors, directors, and so on. As a special features fan, I enjoyed this look behind the scenes of the shows. I was thrilled that these podcasts were able to download onto my computer through windows media player and that I didn't have to find and i tunes or related application.Then I went on the hunt for some library related podcasts and found one  on the home page of When I went to listen then a few didn't work. This was a bit of a let down. The ones that did work were interesting though. I listened to the daily almanac. I was surprised that they only offered a few days though. Then I moved on to look at other library related podcasts and found a plethora on the site of the Seattle Public Library. These were very in depth interviews and book discussions.

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  1. Ruth (aka Code Name Jane)

    Like you, some of the podcast directories I searched left much to be desired. I had a hard time with, for instance, in finding podcasts that really matched my interests. I checked out and the Seattle Public Library site link you provided. I thought the daily almanac podcast was interesting and was disappointed that there weren't more dates offered to listen to. The Seattle Public Library really had a lot to offer. I think I'll definitely listen to some of the book discussions they provide. It's a great way for me to learn about different books out there that I may not have even heard of before. Thanks for the link.